Database Marketing Solution

Data-Driven marketing - Relevance is key for meaningful messaging

Today we have access to more business information than ever before, information that can be key to uncovering opportunities and developing successful engagement with prospects. We provide fast access business data segment by industry, location, gender, and job function.

We have over 100,000 targeted email list for B2B and 15 million for B2C multi-channel marketing initiatives. Reach new customers that were not on your targeted list in the first place. Sell smarter with our targeted database solution and accelerate the growth of your business!

Overview of Data Cards / List Portfolios

What audience are you trying to reach?

Option 1: Business Leads (B2B): What industry & job title are you trying to reach? Industry segment by Information Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering, Financial Service Provider? Job title segment by CEO, IT Manager, HR Manager, Finance? Reach the industry's top professionals & real decision makers who come from a variety of industries and act as recommenders or purchasers of your products and services. Read more

Option 2: Consumer Leads (B2C): Profile your data by key variables such as age band, gender and location. Speak with your dedicated Account Manager about our many profile filters and overlays to obtain an optimum data set and target the best audience for your campaign. Read more

Example of our B2B data by job title: