SMS Marketing

Our SMS data cover over nearly 15 Million Malaysia Consumer

Largest availability of data with a reach of over 15 million individuals in Malaysia, our B2C (Consumer Data) enable following selection criteria:

We make it easy to create the boundaries of your target geographic market by offering a wide variety of geographic selects, i.e., postcode, state, city, area and even narrow down to street throughout whole of Malaysia!

How Rental of SMS Data Works?

Tell us your target buyer profile, let us run data search and get you list counts.

Take time to think about who you are targeting. A good source of guidance for selecting new marketing data is your current customer database, use it to tell you the current profile of your profitable customers:- Are they geographically biased? How old are they? All information you can gather will help guide you towards a more bespoke profile of likely prospects.

Crafting your SMS text message.

What is the core message you want to deliver? Are you offering a sale, a free meal, an invitation to an event, an appointment reminder? You don't have a whole lot of space to get your messages across. The key to great SMS messages is in trimming the excess, keep it short and to the point. If your message contains long link, use a URL shortener to save precious characters. A mere 160 characters is all you get, so use them wisely.

Schedule to broadcast your SMS campaign any time you want!

Define the exact delivery time schedule of your SMS campaign with us, then sit back and leave the rest to us, let us prepare the data list and run your amazing SMS campaigns to generate quality leads right away!

Why SMS Marketing?

Customers will read it

SMS is a really simple and accessible way of engaging with each other and with an open rate of 98%, it is heads and shoulders above any other communication method in terms of read rate.


90% of messages read within 3 minutes of being received.


If you want to make your customers feel really special, it's easy to personalise each message and won't take any extra time.


Now you can ensure SMS delivery due to the reliability of mobile technologies.